Andrzej Siek

Helper | iron sculpture

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On tracks | sculptures 2016

In news,rzeźba w drewnie | wooden sculpture by admin / 2 February 2017

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Test of time | A new set of wooden sculptures

In news,rzeźba w drewnie | wooden sculpture by admin / 28 March 2014

Set of wooden sculpture carved out of one, big poplar tree from Kraków. The work on this set took about a year. In a future I am planning on exhibition in a place, where this tree was cut down.

In a meantime you can see the sculptures in a gallery on my website >

Exhibition of photography by K/B Cohen in Atelier

In news,wystawy by admin / 12 April 2013

Andrzej Siek’s sculptures as seen through Katarzyna and Benjamin Cohen’s eyes. The opening of the photography exhibiton is planned for the end of May 2013.
Detailed information coming soon.

Back to Roots

In news,wystawy by admin / 11 April 2013

We are pleased to announce the opening of the art exhibition at Galeria Bielska BWA in Bielsko Biała, Friday, June 21th, at 7pm. This international exhibition of paintings, sculptures and video installations focuses on spirituality and the influence of human psyche on our decisions and actions. Andrzej Siek is presenting his sculptures from the series of Spirits of Animals and The Mother Earth. It will be open from 22.06 – 28.07, 2013.

Art exhibition of painting, sculpture and graphics of Siek Family

In news,wystawy by admin / 12 January 2013

We are pleased to announce the opening of the art exhibition in the gallery „Na Styku”, MOKSiR, Chrzanów, Poland, February 1th, 2013, at 6pm. The exhibition presents painting, sculpture and graphics from Siek Family Art Studios SIEKART: Jan, Teresa, Anna, Zofia, Jacek and Andrzej Siek.

The exhibition will be open in February, 2012.
Reportage from the opening >

International Single Art Festival

In news,rzeźby na zamówienie,wystawy by admin / 28 June 2012

International art meetings Rencontre Internationale d’Art Singulier “Aux Arts Citoyens” – festival of Single Art in France. Sculpture workshop and happening “The sculpture in process”. Art work exhibition of all participants in La Maison du Parc St Gervais-sous-Meymont, July 2012.

Photo gallery >

Earth Stories | Andrzej Siek | sculpture exhibition

In news,wystawy by admin / 27 June 2012

The grand opening of Andrzej Siek’s Gallery, December 2nd, 2011 – vernissage of the exhibition “Earth Stories” and the performance of Theatre of the Fire Los Fuegos. The Gallery / Atelier Andrzej Siek, ul. Emaus 20/4, Kraków presents his sculptures in wood, stone and bronze from the 1993 to present.

The gallery is open for visitors by appointment.

The Dancer – stone sculpture

In news,rzeźby na zamówienie by admin / 25 September 2009

A commisioned work for Chochołowy Dwór in Jerzmanowice near Kraków, Poland. The sculpture of dancer in limestone from Pińczów, 4 m high.

Photo gallery >